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"Dreamer" is a film about a young artist caught in the chair at the dentist under anesthesia and at the same time hallucinates about a pretty young girl, whom he met in the lobby and sees her subjected to all kinds of sexual abuse by a sadistic dentist. Institute of prostitutes existed in Japan for many centuries. In the Edo period, widespread erotic wood genre of Ukiyo-e prints called Shunga (Japanese) — "spring pictures". After the war, appealing to a male audience, the image of young innocent girls have been actively used by the leaders of a mass culture, both in music and in film. Eri Kikuchi was an early AV actress to capitalize on her large bust, a metric E-cup. she didn"t seem to be making videos because of a lack of options but rather as an informed choice.

Once the actress has established herself as a mature AV star, she has the options of continuing into some of the more outrageous AV genres, retiring, or, sometimes, re-emerging under a new name as a "new face. Unlike the Christian West, where he preached sexual abstinence, in Japan followed a different perspective, based on the principles of Taoism. Until the mid-1990s, AV actress were almost exclusively models in their late teens or early 20s at the time of their debuts.


It was the first film of the so-called "Japanese new wave", where the erotic scenes were shown female nudity and pubic hair, which was a taboo in Japanese society. The production of pornography has an important place in Japanese mass culture. For this it was necessary to develop the body, means for which he served as sex. Some women wishing to appear in AVs apply to the production companies, but they are usually referred to the talent agencies. I was a merchant from an industry base film, a craftsman, free from ideology"[7]. Man was obliged to bring a woman to orgasm. After retiring from AV appearances, she would work as a masseuse at a "soapland" in Tokyo"s Yoshiwara district, and then, in 2004, open her own bar in Tokyo"s Roppongi district. In the first half of the Japanese chronicle "Kojiki" (712 year) 35 episodes are directly related to sex. Japanese official (Confucian) culture denounced love as a blind passion, but is controlled by the consciousness of sex such indignation is not aroused.

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